Zen SPA treatments

With its limestone and wooden walls reflecting the hotel´s historical atmosphere, you will experience a sense of intimacy and warmth, an inviting space to relax and unwind.

The Zen SPA features a small, newly renovated and exclusive spa, with five elegant treatment rooms and natural sunlight. We also have Finnish sauna, steam sauna and Japanese style Jacuzzi.

SPA Concept

The Zen SPA concept combines ancient Asian ZEN philosophy about harmony and serenity with contemporary comfort and modern technologies. The spa products are luxurious brands like Sothys, an international and legendary name that represents excellence. We also use the Fleur`s up-market product line, an unique floral brand paying tribute to nature’s treasures. The spa menu offers a wide selection of pampering treatments designed to relax and rejuvenate. We can also offer all treatments in dual treatment rooms.


Most people have tried out classical massage, which makes you feel relaxed and rested. We offer that as well, but we actually offer a total of 8 types of different massages. For example, have you ever tried honey massage or hot stone massage? Check out or massage the list and find your new favorite!

Body treatments

Just relax and enjoy the pampering body treatments which are truly unique. Cellulite burner body treatment? Yes, we have it all!

Facial treatments

Our Zen SPA provides both Sothys and Fleur’s facial treatments. Never heard of these before? You should definitely try them out!

Treatments for hands

Your nails need a refreshment or you would like to give them an extra touch before going out? Come visit us!

Treatments for feet

We offer the usual – manicure in different styles, but also a wellness foot treatment, which is perfect after a long day walking around the town.

Beauty treatments

Whether you stay in our hotel or just need an extra touch for your eyebrows or eyelashes, we are here for you!

ZEN Spa Best practices

If you really want to enjoy the spa treatments, you should be aware of some things. We operate our Zen SPA services at the hotel on an appointment basis. We can make a reservation with as little as 90 minutes notice, although booking in advance (at least 1 week) is advised due to high demand.

Please take a minute and read the Zen SPA best practices.

Special treatments

Some treatments in our Zen SPA are so special that you can not book them via webshop.

Just use the button "Inquire treatment" and fill the form. We will be in contact as soon as possible.